This was a little web banner for gerbergear.com to promote a few products loosely affiliated with our brand relationship to the famed TV and comic sensation Walking Dead, without referencing the show directly (as we had done that already). I have been told this is a bit “seizure-y.” I think it makes you feel exactly like a zombie would. 

Hand Lettering/Design/Animation: Aaron Alexander
Caption Type Style: Todd Bischoff
39 Series Pocket Knife
The creative direction from Todd Bischoff here was to emulate a period-era vintage ad. I ripped the copy for my hand-lettered "Sharp! Clean Cutting!" line direct from a 1940s era ad by one of Gerber's then competitors (take that!—whoever they were) but I did all the vintage-styled illustration from scratch. It's not on brand enough to be used long, but I think it really worked when this product was first being introduced. It's also the Gerber I carry still almost every day in my own pocket. 

Hand Lettering/Design/Illustration: Aaron Alexander
Creative Direction: Todd Bischoff
Product Photography: Erika Reesor
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