Details: This was my third time being the designer on Gerber's SHOT Show advertisements for the trade show publication SHOT Daily. The idea was pure Todd Bischoff. The copy, hard-won by Kylie Williamson.
My Role: I executed this thing with all I had. I took a standard looking stock photo of a Bald Eagle and warped it, twisted it, re-touched it, clone-stamp-tooled it, and finally even did some mild digital painting, all direct in Photoshop to turn it into this dramatic, though anatomically impossible, fine American specimen. I then spent a very long time getting that "Squaw" kerning looking just right. I think it paid off. While at the show, Creative Director Todd Bischoff sent me a text at the office that read "Best ad ever." In addition, a real-live Bald Eagle appeared at the booth. The live bird event and this full-page visual certainly helped Gerber stand further out from the pack than ever.
Project Team:
Creative Brief: Andrew Gritzbaugh, VP Marketing
Creative Direction: Todd Bischoff, Global Creative Director
Copy: Kylie Williamson, Global Brand Communication
Design/Photo Retouch: Aaron Alexander
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